I cannot believe my last entry was posted almost three months ago! I have been working on many projects (too many), and have been very busy with the logistics of mothering.
There are so many books I would like to write about, many initiatives to tag, lots of reflections to share. Where to start?

First of all, a brief update on what I have been doing in terms of research: much of my waking hours are devoted to reading on the history of the Panorama. In particular, I am reading art historian Silvia Bordini‘s “Storia del Panorama. La visione totale della pittura del XIX secolo” (Officina Edizioni, 1984), along with Bernard Comment’s “The Panorama” (Reaktion Books, 1999) and, with some difficulties, Stephan Oettermann’s “Das Panorama: Die Geschichte eines Massenmedium” (Syndicat, 1980). All of this in preparation for the paper I will deliver at the conference organized by Brown University titled Risorgimento Mediato/Mediating the Risorgimento. I will be talking about the work I have been doing on the Panorama Garibaldi, and how digital practices may transform the way historians do history.

I am also learning my ways through the maze of grant writing, having a terrific time reading long and obscurely written documents on how to apply for funding at DFG and Marie Curie.

This coming weekend, we will be taking a short family trip to Paris. While my family will be climbing the Tour Eiffel, I will be paying my homage to Napoleon with a visit to the Musée de l’Armée.


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