I Traditori

I finished Giancarlo De Cataldo’s book on the Risorgimento.
Traditori were the men who made Italy, betraying an ideal, conveniently switching sides when needed, ultimately selling themselves out. The Risorgimento that emerges from the pages of De Caltaldo’s book is different from the celebratory narrations traditional rhetoric has accustomed us. Revolting prisons, bloody crimes, filthy scenarios and impure characters: atmospheres that are seldom associated with the making of Italy.
I am definitely looking for the De Cataldo+Martone collaboration to be releases in a few days!
A link to Curzio Maltese’s interview with De Cataldo:
I Traditori



I have decided to use this blog as a space where I gather, comment, write on the digital initiatives centering around the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Risorgimento.

Living in Germany, I know I am missing out on many events, exhibits, and conferences; nevertheless, I hope to find enough material to start a repository/archive of Risorgimento events, news, digital collections.

I am debating whether to use Italian or English as the official blog’s language; I guess I will alternate between the two, depending on what I am reading and thinking.

The first link is dedicated to Mario Martone’s new film, Noi Credevamo which I hope will be shown somewhere in the Frankfurt area as soon as it is released  (November 12th, 2010 in Italy)!